Pound For Pound: Is It Worth It?

The STRUT crew went this morning to check out the new Flamingos Vintage Kilo off of Shephard Dr. here in Houston. Boasting a price of $12.99 per pound, the small store was jammed packed with industry and fashion aficionados alike attempting to get great deals on vintage finds.  Dust filled the air as droves of people flipped through the racks of second hand attire. At first it was overwhelming. People were scrambling to find their own diamond in the rough, but as the dust settled,  it became either find or foe. If you know what to look for and have a quick and keen eye, it’s easy to spot great deals on some genuinely good thrift. If you do not, however, in this frenzy, it was not a buyers market. That being said, it’s still a very welcome addition to the resale marketplace and a much needed prod to the local vintage and resale market.


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